The Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella

U-212-umbrellaTrue story:  A few weeks ago (beginning of August, 2013), I came up with this absolutely brilliant travel safety idea, if I say so myself.  Why not combine a telescoping baton with a travel umbrella?  This would be something practical not only as a travel umbrella that could make it through any type of airport screening, but could be used as a formidable self-defense weapon. 

So I Photoshopped together pictures of a telescoping baton and a collapsible umbrella, and emailed them to the only person that would know how to make this work; Mr. Thomas Kurz of  The Unbreakable® Umbrella. 

A couple days later Mr. Kurz replied and thanked me, saying that the Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella, Model U-212 was already in production, and should be available for purchase by the end of August.  (I know he used some sort of Jedi mind trick to steal my idea, but I just can’t prove it.)

At first glance, the umbrella seemed a little pricy (US $249.95).  But upon reflection, two important points came to mind:

  1. In order for this umbrella to withstand the stresses that it might see in use, it has to incorporate the strongest of materials and construction.  (See the pictures and videos on his website if you have any doubts.)  Making something from the best of anything typically is not cheap under any circumstances; i.e. “you get what you pay for.”
  2. That aside, what would this item be worth to me if I was actually in a situation where I needed it to save my life?  Answer: A hell-of-a-lot more than he is charging.

unbreakable-umbrella-U-212-on-airplaneSo is it worth it?  To my mind: absolutely.  It’s small.  It’s premium quality (5-year warranty).  It can be taken anywhere I travel without raising eyebrows, scrutiny or triggering airport security.  (After all, it’s just a well-made umbrella.)  But what it really gives me is a formidably weapon to defend myself against both natural and man-made situations that I can discretely carry with me anywhere.  And that my friend is peace of mind.

Currently I am preparing to leave on a seven month world tour.  This item will be going with me.  I’ll update this post as time goes by.   Thanks Tom.

December 13, 2013 . . . update

Ek Balam temple stairsYesterday we toured the ruins at Chichen Itza and Ek Balam near Cancun, Mexico.  The weather was foretasted to possibly have rain showers in the afternoon, so I took along my Unbreakable Umbrella in case we got caught out.

Well, we did get caught out, quite  literally at the top of the Ek Balm ruin.  All hell broke loose with high winds and heavy rain.  The stair quickly became too slick to climb down safely, so we had to wait for the wind/rain squall to pass.  We huddled down under the umbrella for about ten minutes, and were fine.  Got a little wet on the legs, but that was about it.

Our friend on the other hand did not fair quite as well.  He was packing one of those cheap travel umbrellas that the wind quickly grabbed, turned inside out, and broke. Our Unbreakable Umbrella was untouched.

Although I have not yet had to use the umbrella to defend myself  (and hopefully never do), I can tell you that it truly is “unbreakable” as an umbrella.  Yesterday certainly proved it to my mind.  Worth the money.

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